About the course

One of the main themes of the 2nd level Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business Security (MAIBS), is AI, one of the technologies on which expectations, fears and risks are concentrated. At the current state of the digital transformation process, artificial intelligence is no longer just something that will happen, but it is also a technology in continuous evolution that already makes it possible to design systems that show impossible performance with the traditional technologies, and which seem to imitate the cognitive and expressive processes typical of human beings. Artificial intelligence is a source of debate not only for the implications of its possible future superiority over human intelligence, but also for the concrete opportunities and related limitations that this technology can offer to businesses and the economy.

Provided by the University of Tuscia, promoted by the Inter-University Centre for Technological Innovation and Territorial Development, this Master was thought thanks to the support of the DEIm and DISUCOM departments and in collaboration with ByTek Srl and Datrix SpA.

It is conceived and organised as a higher education service for graduated students to be employed in companies with a strong investment in innovation and with research and development activities.

The purpose is to provide a specialized profile on artificial intelligence applications for business innovation and security. The outgoing profile of the Master is that of a graduate in STEM or Business Economics, highly qualified, able to master the themes, trends and potential applications of artificial intelligence and big data technologies, for the development of innovative solutions and frontier business in organisations with strong innovative content. In other words, the aim of the Master is to offer an advanced training service for second level graduates to be employed in companies active in the market and with a strong component of investment in innovation and research and development activities.

The Master is a part-time course starting in January 2021, with a minimum number of 15 students and a maximum of 25. It will last until July 2021.

The diploma is recognised as a second level Master degree by the Italian Government.

This Master is directed by Prof. Alessio Maria Braccini


The Master is taught in English and it is accessible to students from all countries. It is meant to candidates of all ages and nationalities who have an Italian degree or a post-graduate degree or any foreign academic qualification recognised as equivalent to the Italian degree by the academic authorities in accordance with inter-university agreements of co-operation and mobility. The Master is mainly designed to graduates of 2nd level in Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics, and related disciplines evaluated from time to time by the Ordering Committee.

Applications should be submitted until December 17th, 2020. University of Tuscia will select 15 students among the candidates. For some students this Master will be completely financed thanks to some fellowships offered by the partner companies.

Participants will have to attend lessons, stand tests and participate to a project work and a final discussion of a written paper about one of the topics addressed during the course. The paper may be carried out under the supervision of a Master teacher chosen by the participant.

Costs and scholarships

The registration fee for the Master is 5000€. The maximum number of participants is 25 students, some of them will be selected by the Partner companies and will benefit from a scholarship that will fully cover the cost of the Master.