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To apply for the Master in Artificial Intelligence for Business & Security you need to download the documentation HERE.  For further information, you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page with your data or write to Deadline: December, 17th.

Here you can find the admission results

In a Nutshell

  • 2nd Level Degree Master
  • an intensive 7-months programme, 500h of online lectures about AI, deep learning, machine learning & NLP
  • an interdisciplinary programme that combines legal, vision and AI technologies
  • internships at partner companies and placement
  • several full scholarships available: you will be able to attend the master for free and work as intern in a partner company

The Application Process


Start the submission

Download and complete the documentation in all its parts


Attach your curriculum vitae

Attach your curriculum vitae Prepare your CV with your professional experience and studies


Write a motivational letter

In the next step you might have to explain why you would like to participate in the Master and what you expect from this formative experience. Start thinking about it and feel free to write few words about it in your CV


Send all documentation by email

Send all the required documentation by email by 17th December 2020 to


Admission procedure to the Master's degree and award of scholarships

After the closing of the call, a ranking will be drawn up of all the applications received, based on the curriculum vitae and the motivational letter. The list of admitted students and students admitted with scholarships will be published on the Master’s website.


Last Decision

If you will be chosen for the Master you will have to choose whether to accept or not. The most deserving students will receive a scholarship awarded by one of the course’s partner companies.

Things To Know First

To apply you will need :

  • You must have a Master's degree and a certificate of it
  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • A valid document to identify yourself
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    When To Apply?

    Application December, 17th – 2020

    Publication of the Students Admitted
    to the Master’s Programme

    December, 23rd – 2020
    Due to the high number of applications,
    the list of admitted students will be published
    by 30 December.

    Course start January – 2021

    Where to submit necessary documents?

    Send all the required documentation by email by 17th December 2020 to

    In order to proceed with your application, you must have a Master’s degree, preferably in technical subjects (computer science or engineering), economics or statistics. 


    However, you do not necessarily have to have one of these degrees, as we also accept graduates in subjects totally unrelated to the above, but who may have acquired specific skills that put them on a par with other candidates with a more similar curriculum on paper. 


    The course is full time, for those who want to deepen their knowledge of the subject, for those who want to change their life, for those who have just finished their studies and are looking for a professionalizing Master.