Tuition Fee and Scholarships

Students who would like to participate in the master will pay a tuition fee of € 5,000.

The MAIBS master aims at offering some scholarships thanks to the partner companies. Scholarships are essential to offer an opportunity to the most deserving students.

International trends show that companies are looking with interest at investments in Artificial Intelligence but more than half of them do not have the necessary skills to exploit these investments, and the lack of specialized skills is the main obstacle to the widespread adoption of these technologies. 

The training objective of the Master is to provide a specialized profile on the potential, opportunities, and risks of artificial intelligence applications for business innovation and security. The outgoing profile of the Master is a graduate in STEM or Business Economics, highly qualified, able to master the themes, trends and application potential of artificial intelligence and big data technologies, for the development of innovative solutions and frontier business in organizations with strong innovative content. 

Scholarships Sources


Students at the end of the master will join the company, validating the path started with the curricular internship and the initial selection. These companies are the ones offering scholarships to students.

To obtain the scholarship you must apply to the master and enter the required documents and presentation. The decision to assign a scholarship to the student depends also on the decision of the partner company and on the profile of the applicant. If you apply for a scholarship you will be contacted by the course coordinator who, after an interview, will or will not confirm the partners’ willingness to grant one or more students.

Adding to these opportunities the enrolment in the master is compatible with the funding opportunities offered by several Italian regions as vouchers for the high education.


To apply, you must have a Master’s degree, preferably in technical subjects (computer science or engineering), economics or statistics. 

However, you do not necessarily have to have one of these degrees, as we also accept graduates in subjects totally unrelated to the above, but who may have acquired specific skills that put them on a par with other candidates with a more similar curriculum on paper. 

The course

The course is full time, for those who want to deepen their knowledge of the subject, for those who want to change their life, for those who have just finished their studies and are looking for a professionalizing Master. 

Contact For Scholarships

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